Blogging For a Job

For the first Linky Love article assignment I chose to read “7 Reasons Every Job Seeker Should Blog” by Mark Schaefer because I’m always looking for tips on how to find a job when I graduate.

After reading the seven tips I was surprised and pleased that I got something out of each one of them.

I learned that blogging is basically a pre-interview where I can show what interests me about the industry I’m in while also proving that I know what to look for. When I decide the topic that I want to write about I know I have to master that topic before I put my opinion about it on my blog.

The article taught me that blogging is very similar to LinkedIn or other community sites. You can build a professional connection just by blogging or responding to other blogs. My blog is part of my personal brand and employers will see that likely before they see me. Being able to blog and have an online presence could set me apart from another job applicant.

The most impressive part of this read was the author himself. He responded to every comment that his post received. It shows respect and that he is genuinely eager to help people understand why blogging is so important.

photo credit by DonkeyHotey