Does Pinterest Make You Shop?

For my second Linky Love assignment I chose the article “Pinterest Becomes Top Traffic Driver for Retailers” by Lauren Indvik. I have my own Pinterest and I had always wondered if there was a direct correlation between “pinning” and actions in life.

While I usually a pin pictures of places I would love to go, animals I would love to adopt, and funny sayings or jokes. But a majority of pins are of clothes and interior design ideas and that could be a huge market for retailers. Even if the original item was too expensive for the average shopper, anything similar could also be a target for consumers.

What concerns me is that this movement might cause retailers to not be transparent. Employees could purposely post pictures of merchandise of the company so that it circulates on Pinterest. Companies can stack the odds in favor of themselves. But it’s great advertising for companies because they can put out one or two pictures and let all the viewers on Pinterest show it around to their followers without doing work at all.

Added 2/11: I just read an interesting article that says the exact opposite of the article I read earlier. This article by Martha White claims that seeing the merchandise on Pinterest would make you not want to buy it. Why? Because pinning the pictures of all these things that we want somehow feels like we already bought it and have it, and so the urge is gone. You can “own” these things on your site but not actually spend the money.