Need All The Help I Can Get

Fun fact about me: My biggest fear in the world is public speaking. So let’s just say I wasn’t delighted when I learned that we had a final presentation in the class I’m doing this blog for. Now I’m on the search for anything and everything to help me give a great presentation to a class. Heck, I just want to get it over with!

For my fourth Linky Love post I chose one with five tips to make a “sizzling” presentation by Mark Schaefer. After reading his five tips I translated them to represent the exact situation I am in.

1. My story is Target. Don’t forget it.

2. Care about each important point because you never know which one your audience will remember.

3. Don’t do a boring PowerPoint template. Just, don’t.

4. Pictures help with the retention of information. Kill them with kindness. I mean images.

5. Don’t rush. Breathe.

If I put the effort into the visuals of my presentation and practice the material I know I’ll be confident. I’ll fight the urge to talk reallysuperfastsopeoplecan’tunderstandme. I will slow down and let the material speak for itself. I know that Target is an amazing company that has done some great things for the community and I want everyone to know that.

Photo Credit by Blogger Angie Dudley


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