Media Disasters = PR Nightmares

We all make mistakes. Some are hilarious like when you go to the wrong classroom on the first day of class and sit through a whole lecture without realizing it. Some are embarrassing like when you send a text to the wrong person (this can be downright mortifying actually.) But some mistakes can be catastrophic especially if you’re a public figure or business.

For my fifth Linky Love post I chose the 8 Worst Media Disasters of February article by Brad Phillips. I got many good chuckles out of reading it but also grimaced a few times. Some were so ridiculously stupid that I couldn’t help but just shake my head in disbelief. A couple were seriously infuriating.

My favorite would have to be Jerry Sandusky’s wife trying to run over a reporter and photographer with her car while they filmed outside her house. True, it must be annoying to have paparazzi blocking your garage yet I’m sure Dottie was upset about something more than that. It’s probably a buzz kill to be the wrong gender and about 50 years older than who your husband has been caught with and Dottie just wanted to take her aggression out on someone…with her motor vehicle. Or maybe she just really had to use the bathroom.

I also hope Mitt Romney keeps it up. Those are some real gems he’s been spouting.

Thanks to Pinterest. No apologies, indeed.


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