This Social Media Might Be a Little Too Social…

“Checking in” on Facebook is always an iffy situation. While I love to check my friends in at a cool restaurant, movie or sporting event I am easily annoyed by people doing the same. Cool, you’re at a Los Angeles Laker’s game… I hate that team. Cool, you’re at a Philadelphia 76er’s game…I’m jealous and probably just deleted you as a friend because of it.

It gets worse. To those people (girls, I’m looking at you) who “check in” at the gym, just stop. It’s great that you’re working out but you should sense that everyone who reads that just rolled their eyes in annoyance. Also, thanks for specifying which exact machine you’re on. That means someone could easily find you and whap you with a People magazine and tell you to shut it.

It gets worse. Thanks to my sixth Linky Love post by Carol Ostrom I have now been made aware that, thanks to Planned Parenthood, you can check in with your partner and scan a barcode on the condom wrapper you plan on using that night. I’m happy you’re being safe but that is just too much information. You’ll show up on a map wherever you are. What if you’re friends with your parents on Facebook? I don’t even want to think what could happen there.

Add "Condom Location Services" to this. Thanks Pinterest.

Most people will write this off as an early April Fool’s joke. It’s really early though…

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