Power to the Ladies!

I read a really interesting article today by Sarah Weir, a Yahoo! blogger. It’s all about the best places in the world to be for women depending on what career you desire or if you want to live the longest. Some countries that stood out to me for both positive and negative reasons were:

South Sudan: Named as the worst country to give birth in because it has around 20 midwives for the entire population. I can’t wrap my head around that because the population of Sudan is estimated to be over 8 million people. How can those numbers be correct? Do regular doctors deliver children as well, in hospitals and such and those numbers aren’t accounted for? This made me think about my two best friends who are both going to the Peace Corps. this year. Does that organization send people to places that need it the most? Are volunteers sent there accordingly?

Saudi Arabia: This country was listed as the worst place to be an athlete and the worst place to be a politician. It has never sent a woman to the Olympics and no woman has ever served for parliament. Without knowing Saudi Arabia completely it’s hard to pass judgement but it really draws into question women’s rights.

The Great U.S. of A: Being American I started this article hoping we represented ourselves in an adequate fashion. We had a decent (but not equal, not by far) amount of women in congress and a fifth  of senior management jobs. The worrisome statistics about the U.S. were that life-expectancy is slowly declining and we haven’t made improvements to our maternal mortality rate for over a century.

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