Would You Do Chris Brown’s PR For A Million Dollars?

For my last (seventh) Linky Love post I decided to address an issue that resurfaced during this year’s Grammy awards. Chris Brown first stepped into the spotlight when he was only 16 and his first album in 2005 went double Platinum. In 2009 a domestic assault charge by his then girlfriend Rihanna overshadowed Brown’s talent in the music industry. He pleaded guilty to the felony and spent five years on probation as well as additional community service and anger management class hours.

Brown made many public apologies through the media and through his crisis management team. He issued a video apology and had many interviews and statements regarding it since. But between apologies he’s had moments of anger towards his treatment regarding what happened. He claimed that it should be in the past and that people need to stop hating him for what happened. This Linky Love article discusses his reaction to fans and other celebrities reacting negatively to his Grammy nomination and win earlier this year.

The question asked was what I would do if I was in charge of Chris Brown’s public relations or what advice would I give so that these Twitter mishaps stop happening. First of all I just have to say I wouldn’t take any amount of money to attempt to spin what he did into something positive. I sometimes imagined being on that old show Fear Factor but always knowing that if spiders were involved I would walk away. No amount of money would be worth a spider.

It’s the same in this case, I wouldn’t be able to defend Chris Brown for a million dollars, or 50 or even 100. I can’t get passed what he did to Rihanna, especially after the pictures surfaced of what she looked like when she checked into the hospital. But the fact that he gets upset when people bring up his past is just ridiculous.

If he can’t accept that people are always going to hate him he is completely insane. In my mind, there is nothing worse than a man who verbally or physically abuses a woman. I wish that every woman agreed with me. I wish that men used Chris Brown as an example as how to never be. I just don’t understand how he has fans still!

Also, don’t point fingers at other rappers or celebrities who have “done worse” than you Chris, that’s just immature. And Rihanna, why are you forgiving this fool? He dyed his hair blonde…on top of everything.

Thanks Pinterest!