Always Wondered…

My best friend Sean is a movie buff. I like to think I am too and maybe even more so. He’s opinionated and if he’s not interested in a movie he flat-out won’t see it. I’m easily convinced by my Eugene movie buddy, Molly, to see things like The Vow or Arthur Christmas in 3D. We have a no-judging policy when it comes to movies and we see around two each week on average.

But Sean, being a guy, sometimes can’t see movies like The Iron Lady with his friends because they rather see Safe House (which was excellent, by the way). So he sometimes goes solo. Like a boss. Every time he does I always say two things. One, that I wish he lived here and not Indiana so that I could go with him and two, I wish I had his bravery. I have never been to the movies alone and don’t think I could ever. So this post by Miranda Ryan really hit home.

She made some valid points that you can eat what you want (you could get the biggest popcorn bucket and no friend is around to take a picture and post it on Facebook) and you can see whatever movie you want (no one to this day will see Tower Heist with me.)

But her cons were the deal breaker. No one to talk to during the movie or after the movie. Anyone who knows me knows my favorite thing in the world to do is talk. And talk. Perhaps talk some more. Especially during movies. Mostly I talk if the movie is lacking in some way or if I’m completely confused and need some assistance understanding the plot. I like to think I make really funny jokes during movies too! The people who sit behind me probably don’t agree but hey, can’t win ’em all.

After movies I like to gush about the hotness of the actors or ask how it ended (still think the director cut out the ending of Drive because the one I saw in theaters made zero sense.) If we’re being honest here, talking during and after the movie about the movie is 75 percent of the fun of going to the movies. That’s the deal breaker.

Credit to Molly for taking this little piece of blackmail. I never saw this movie, for the record.

And I’m sure if Sean knew my proclivity for being a chatty Kathy during every single movie I see he’d secretly be glad he lives in Indiana and not in Oregon. Shucks.